Monday, October 24, 2011

Holiday Shopping Oct. 23, 2011

Hi everyone!!!  Yesterday was soooo much fun!!  So many of my friends at my house all at the same time!!
Jackpot for me!!  I love, love, love my friends!!  Dave and Shamus spent the day at "The Ole Grey Mar's"
house, but returned in time for Shamus to model his Halloween costume!!!  Dave was very happy with all the left over snacks!! 

Thank you very much to all who attended.  We appreciate your business!  For those of you who were unable to attend....enjoy the pictures, and if you see something that interests you all vendors can be reached thru me.  We had so many wonderful, different choices:  Tastefully Simple, Miche Bags, The Bag Lady, Uppercase Living, Blume, handcrafted gifts and cards by Taken Wings, Calla Lily Studio and Creative Corner, amazing embroidered items by Nana Nancy's Sew Unique, Heritage Makers and Scentsy.

My little pirate!! Yo ho ho!!!

Just a couple of the six trees that were up!


Yummy snacks!

Awesome cards and gifts!!

 Another view....Hi Connie!!

Rochelle thinking..." what to do, what to do!"


Miche Bag

Shan's new Miche Bag


More Miche!  What a concept!  Same base, different shells!!  Excellent!!

The Bag Lady!!!

Closer view! My friend Joyce is very creative...
designs her own bags!!  Machine wash and dry!! Nice!!

YUM....Tastefully Simple!

Don't ask me how this got turned upside down!!

Nana Nancy does some pretty awesome stuff!

Quillow!!  Love it!!

Create your own storybooks with Heritage Makers!

Scent your home with Scentsy!

Have this youny lady come decorate your walls with Uppercase Living!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer 2011

Just got home from spending six weeks at the lake.  Weather wise it was a great time.  We had quite a lot of company, spent tons of time in the water, and suffered a couple of tragedies.  Loss of a life, and loss of trust.
I wasn't very good about taking pictures this summer....but I will post a few that I did get!

It is good to be home for a few weeks before heading back up to camp for another few weeks. Fall is a beautiful time up there. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dolphin Swim.....

Where do I begin?  How do I explain the feelings I had??  I don't know!!!  The best I can do is say I was all crazy on the inside!!!  When a dream of this magnitude is answered I don't think there are words to explain the sheer joy.  A dolphin is such an incredible animal.  So sweet, smart, sensitive....just a big love!!  When you look into their eyes, and they look back.....there is a special connection.  It was everything I imagined it would be.....and so much more!  I am so grateful to my sister for this gift!!  And so happy that she was there to share it with me!!

We got into the water, and stood in a line.  Our dolphins name was CJ. CJ would swim in front of us very slowly so we could pat his back.  Then he would roll over and let us pat his belly!!  He felt kind of rubbery.
We all got to feed him a fish, kiss him, go for a ride with him and hug him!!!  And I have to say he is a very good kisser!!!

You can tell a dolphin by the markings on his tail.  They are all humans and finger prints.  There is an artisan in Florida who makes sterling silver pendants of the different dolphins at Discovery Cove.
After purchasing a photo package I was not going to buy CJ's tail, but Nina convinced me that I should, and I am very glad that I did!!!  Its very pretty!!

Discovery Cove was wonderful.  After my swim, we spent the rest of the time walking among sting-rays, snorkling with tropical fish, seeing beautiful exotic birds, and floating down the lazy river.  Correction.....
Nina was very good at snorkling.  I stunk at it!!  Couldn't stand the mask on my face, and gagged when I put the snorkle in my mouth!!  Oh well!! 

When we were trying to get out of the lazy river we were swimming against the current.  Although I am an excellent swimmer when you are laughing like a hyena its a little difficult to swim up stream!!  The harder time I had the more I laughed.  It was quite pitiful!  The thing is....there was a lifeguard standing right there and didn't make any attempt at all to help me!!  Fortunately Nina came to my rescue and pulled me out!!

Everything was included there.  Wet suits, towels, breakfast, snacks, lunch, shampoo etc.  It was a great day!! are the pictures!!!!!

CJ enjoying a belly rub!!

Going for a ride with my new friend!

He loves to get a hug!!

Back for another belly rub!

A very salty kiss!!
And yes Rochelle.....another bad hair day!!

He was really loving this hug!!

As the entered the park they took our
It was an awesome experience!!!!!  THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU NINA!!!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A day at Disney

This was my first time staying at the Animal Kingdom resort.  We stayed at Kidani, which my roommate quickly renamed "Kan-da-ha"!!  Really?!?!?!?  Crazy woman!!!  Its a beautiful resort.  We had a savanah view room.  Outside our window we had giraffes, beef-a-lo's with big horns, zebras and ostrich!  The lobby was beautiful, as was our room.  The first night we were wild women and went to the bar for a drink!  No, you aren't mis-reading this!!  I had a very yummy Pina Colada, she had wine and we tasted some breads and dips. The next day we were up early and off to the Magic Kingdom.  We did Pirates of the Carribean, the Haunted Mansion, (which has been revamped since my last visit in Feb.), and of course did some shopping.  Then we took the Monorail over to Epcot.  There we did Soar'in, Living With the Land, Spaceship Earth and walked around the countries.  After that we returned to our room, got our suits on and went for a swim.  We even went down the slide!  Very fun!  We also enjoyed some more liquid refreshment as we sat in the sun for a while!!  This time it was a Pina Coolava!!  Yummy delicious!!!!  My next entry will be all about the main reason for the trip, but while we were at downtown Disney we got our faces painted and enjoyed one more Pina Colada while listening to some nice, live music! 

We spent two nights at my niece's house.  So much fun.  Playing games with my great- nephew, swimming, shopping, lots of laughs, and a major prank was played on us by my niece's husband.  He needs to be watching his back now.....cause we WILL be getting revenge!!!  Just about gave us both a heart attack!!
I thought he was just being polite saying Mae and Aunt Cindy could go out first....but NOOOOOO.......
as we stepped out the door I spotted a cute little lizard.  So we were very busy looking to see if we could see any more.....(this was killing Neil, cause he wanted us to see something else!!!)  When we finally turned around we were face to face with a "once live, now stuffed, but still looked alive, cheetah!!!!  There was some swearing, and I did a little damage to Nine's wrist with my nails....and then there was the LAUGHER coming from around the corner!!!!  Oh yes.....he's a funny one!!!!   I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the cheetah!  Hmmmm......rats!!! are some more photos for our fun times!!

Tea at Mount Dora

Mount Dora is a very quaint little town in Central Florida.  The streets are lined with amazing shops, which we had a very good time in!!  Found what just might be my next jewelry obsession!!!  Kameleon jewelry.
You must check it out!

We had lunch at the most adorable Tea House I have ever seen!  The food was to die for, the decor was beautiful.....made me want to come home and add a few more girly touches to my house!!  Just look at these pictures!!!  Awesome!!