Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer is zooming by and I have been horrible about taking pictures, so this post will be a little boring, but I'm doing it so I will remember all the fun I am having!!

My best friend retired, sold her home and moved to Washington State! Before she left she spent 8 days with me!!  Some at my house and some at the lake.  During her visit we went to Aaron's baseball game and graduation!!  The graduation was adorable and he was so proud!! We all were!!

As you can see I have no clue what I am doing.....but I blame the fact that the format has changed and no one told me!!

In May I went to Disney and it was the worst trip EVER!!!!  I went with someone I thought was my friend, but it turns out I was not really wanted, just used for a great room.  Good grief...I wasn't even allowed to be in pictures!!  I had a feeling before we even left that it wasn't going to go well.....but had no idea just how bad it was going to be!!Somewhere in this blog you will see how they kept there room.....then just imagine that that is how crazy the vacation was!!  Oh well.....I have a great new hairdresser so it wasn't a total loss!

Shan had sinus surgery and did great......on the FIRST day!!  Day two was another story!!  She had a severe reaction to one of her medications!!  Had to rush her to the hospital and she was hooked up to an IV for a few hours!!  Good thing she knew what was wrong and how serious it was cause I was trying to make her look at pictures on the way out!!!  Good thing I'm NOT a nurse!  Speaking of nurses.......Shan graduates from nursing school July 25th!!! I can't even put into words how proud I am of her!!! She is an amazing girl!!

We have had quite a lot of company so far and really enjoyed everyone!!  Rochelle, Mark, Connie and Russ came one Sunday.  Love my adopted sisters!!!!  Every second I am with them is pure joy!
Matt, Mable, Ben and his girlfriend have been up.....of course Shan and Aaron, Rosemary and Huard too! Oh and Mike and Noreen!!  We met them in Cornish for dinner one night then they came up to camp for a while!  Shan and Aaron shared a triple lobster dinner, I had lobster casserole and Dave had clam cakes!

I've been getting a lot of knitting done too!!  Went to Freeport with Nine one day to a quilt shop and a yarn store!!  Just can't go in without coming out with more yarn!!  Bought some beautiful hand-dyed yarn to knit Nine some socks, but had to show it to her because she has "sock issues"!!!  She kills me!! Then I got a pattern to try making felted slippers.  Picked out some pretty yarn and Nine says all excited....."those are my colors.....are they for me?!?!?!"  They are NOW!!!!

Bought a new Ninja cooking system and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Nice to be able to roast a chicken and not heat the camp up using the oven!!  This heat wave is killing me, and if it doesn't end soon you could be reading about me in the paper!!! Sometimes good people do bad things!!!!  Just kidding!

It has been a summer of critters too!!  Huge spiders, way too many hornets, a snake......a hornet trying to drag a giant spider into its sting...that was my misfortune, and of course flamingos!! Lots of flamingos!!

Well....back to knitting for a while!!  Hope everyone is having a great summer!!
Dave and Aaron and "the snake"!!
Cute Minnie nails for Disney!
Can you say SLOBS?!?!?!
Two nurses to be!!
I think that is a pigs brain!
Sean and Aaron out for pizza!!
Happy juice is a wonderful thing!!
Not so happy now!
Flamingo taking time to smell the flowers!!
First mate enjoying the ride!!
Catching a ride with Nana!!
Beginning of a sock!
My newest addition to
my collection!!
How did my boyfriend get
in her twice!?!?!
Really fun scarf to knit!!
A present for someone!!
This is sweet little Mabel, Dave's
grand-daughter. Love her!!
Wow!! Amazing!!  No wonder they kept the door
closed all the time!!

Don't know how to close this gap, but there are more pictures below!!

Punky checking out what is UNDER the base!!

Joyce and I modeling hats at
The Christmas tree shop!!

Aaron wanted flowers for graduation!!

Graduation cake at daycare!!

Little Graduate!!