Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rough feet!

Boo hoo......I headed out for my pedicure this morning and turned around after going only 5 miles!  Kermitt was sliding all over the place and I was scared!!!  So I came home and gave myself a pedicure, minus the nice paraffin dip!!  Couldn't see getting in an accident for 8 toes!! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow, snow go away!!!

Ahhhhhh........three days....the waiting is killing me!!  So is the snow!!!  Its possible the pedi's won't happen!!We shall see!!!  Keeping my fingers crossed!!!  I plan on leaving home about 5:30 to go to the bus terminal if it is snowing.  Its only 8 miles, but if the driving is slow I would rather be safe than sorry!  Not only that I won't be able to just sit at home once I am dressed and ready to roll!!!  So many fun things to do and see!  Magic Kingdom the first day!!!  We should be in our room by 2:30 I think, and have the whole rest of the day to play!!!  And so many yummy things to eat!!!  Onion rings on the Boardwalk, egg rolls at Animal Kingdom, pastries at Epcot, ribs Downtown!!!  Wishes, Fantasmic, Spectromagic, Illuminations.....parades,
rides......OMG!!!!!  Hurry up and get here!!!!!!