Sunday, February 20, 2011

Being 60 rocks!!!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!  My sister gave me the most amazing gift!!!!  I'm still pinching myself!!!  She gave me a ticket to swim with the Dolphins at Discovery Cove!!!!  And to top it off.....she is going to go with me when I do it!!!   I can't even believe it!!!!  Holy cow!!!!  You can't even imagine how badly I've wanted to do this or for how long!!!!  I get to hug and kiss a dolphin!?!?!?!  Who actually gets to do this:!?!?!  I mean....people WANT to do it.....but how many actually are lucky enough to see their dream come true!!!!

Today was my birthday dinner at Nina's.  As usual it was a yummy delicious meal, followed by my tradiional angel food cake with seven minute frosting!!!! Ummmm ummm!!!  It was Nine, Orm, Bobby-Lu, Dave and myself!!!  Very fun!!  Oh....and Shamus!!!  Then it was gift time!!  Bobby-Lu gave me a beautiful pink depression glass creamer, some White Lilac Lotion, and really cute napkins with a dog paw on them!  I think those were for Shamus!!!  First Nina had me open a very pretty box that had a dolphin pin, made into a magnet.  And then came the "tah dah" moment!!!  When I took the envelope out of the bag and saw the address SeaWorld the flood gates opened up!!!  I can't even believe it!!  Really!!!  I just can't believe it!!!!

I'm a little bit excited........and its NOT because of the sugar frosting on my cake!!!!  I am a very, very, very lucky person!!!  My sister LOVES me!!!!