Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Sinister Sleepover!!

In late May or sometime in June I am going to host a "mystery" tea party.  I have ordered the kit, and am anxious to see what comes in it!!!  Its called "The Sinister Sleepover"!  All I can tell you right now is that we all wear our pj's and everyone is assigned a charater!!!  I have been to one mystery dinner and it really is fun!  I will plan, and cook a yummy lunch for us! I think it will be really, really fun!!! Now I must really get my ceilings painted!!!!  Tah Tah my ladies!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Angels and other things.....

Oh my goodness!!!  What an incredible morning I had with my friend the OGM!!!!  We went to a psychic!!!
Holy macarnoly!! She was AWESOME!!!  She was so dead on it was amazing!!!  Very positive person....very positive energy....not only is she a psychic, she is also a "healer", a massuse, and an international gourmet chef!!  I'll be hitting her up for some recipes!!!  She knew I had been saved by angels, she knew I lost a third child.....well, a miscarriage...but she said he is always with me, and his name is Joshua.
It was amazing.  She even had the age right!! Very uplifting experience!!!  I highly recommend her.  Her name is Ruth Kramer, she lives in Alfred, Me. just down the street from the old Leedy's restaurant.  Her phone number is 490-0800.  She also comfirmed what I already spirit self is stronger than my human self.  I told her that I was not driven to work,would rather give things away instead of being paid, that I really wanted to be an angel.....and she said....."you ARE an angel"!!  And she gave me a nickname.....Miss Happy Pants!! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

The diet is going well.....down 9 pounds in a week.  Am I hungry?  YES...yes I am!!  I was sooooo good up until yesterday when I had a minor cheating spell.  One rather small cookie and a little popcorn at the movies.
Unfortunately, just as the diet says, I added two pounds back on because I am a terrible, terrible dieter!!!  But....I am back on track again...still hungry, but trying with all my might!!!  I HATE DIETING!!!!!!  But I also hate being FLUFFY!!!!!!

So Saturday Shan and Punky came over for a visit.  I was cooking on the grill, and since we don't wear shoes in the house usually I didn't have any on when I went out to check the meat on the grill!  My usual speed is "fast".....and when I came back in from the garage all body parts came EXCEPT one toe!!!  Yup!!
Broken I am pretty sure.....seeing Dr. Hunky Wed. for an x-ray.  I'm trying to convince him to lop off the ends of a couple toes so I can have a matching pair of feet, but he isn't buying into it.  He really needs to do something with this foolish toe though cause I have broken it 6-7 times now!!!!