Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fairy Garden

My friend/hairdresser, Jenn gave me this adorable Fairy Garden!!  She said, "I know you aren't good with plants, BUT this is easy to care for"!!  Tell that to the poor plants in there!!!  But its really cute, and I love it and will try really, really hard not to kill it!!  Isn't it just so cute!?!?

Another wonderful birthday week!!

Its been a while since I have blogged and I have so much to blog about!!!  Just turned 61, which was so much less tramatic than turning 60!!  I had an awesome week of lunches, activities and time with friends and family!!! It all started on Monday Feb. 20th.  Mary Kane from camp came down and took me out to lunch!  We had a great time as usual!! Tuesday Nina took me out for the day!!  First we went "tubing" in North Windham!!  OMG!!!  What a blast!!!  It was so much fun!!  I want to go again!!  Then we went to lunch, back to her house to change, and have a piece of cake, then off to Lucinda's for manicures, and back to her house for more cake!!  She gave me a beautiful dish for my diningroom and a really pretty rose ball.  I'll post the pics....if I can find them in the computer!!!

Wed. my friend Sheila, (Dub )....took me out to lunch at McDonalds!!!  It's become our tradition!!  After that I zipped to Biddeford to meet my friend Joyce!!!  She gave me two beautiful tablecloths that belonged to her grandmother!!!!  I love them!!!

Thursday was my actual birthday.  Both my kids and Punky joined us for dinner!!  Shan and Punky gave me a really cute "Yorkie" purse, and a Yorkie coin purse, key chain and a charm for my troll bracelet!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  Dave gave me a gift certificate to Lucinda's and a cool fondue pot!
I keep saying how I loved the fondue restaurant that used to be in Portsmouth....and the listened!!
For lunch on my real day I went to the Olive Garden with my frined Cindy, whose birthday is also on the 23rd!  She turned 80!  But you would never know it!!

Saturday night my "adopted' sisters gave me a nice party at Rochelle's!!!  We had so much fun!!  Even Mom Cook was there.  Mark cooked a very yummy, delicious meal, Chris made a very impressive cake,and Chris, Connie and Rochelle all made awesome cards!!  My cake had a Mexican Donald on it and they also gave me a Donald piggy bank!!  I will be saving for my next trip to Disney!

I will now attempt to post as many pictures as I can find!!!  They like to hide in my computer!

                                                      Orm's sister gave me so bone china for
                                                                          my kitchen!

                                                                 So pretty!!!!!
                                                          Pink roses!!!
                                                                           My boyfrined!!
                                                                     Chef Mark  and Gretel
                                                                        Mom Cook
                                                                        Tom and Dave
                                                                  Russ, Connie and Chris
                                                                          The Bank!!
                                                                 Connie's card
                                                                Chris's card
                                                                   Rochelle's card
                                                                          Pink Bead
                                                        Coin purse
                                                                        Antique tablecloths

OK girls.....I need some help with my blog.  I dont' like how the pictures are in a line!!
Anyway.......thank you to everyone who made my birthday awesome.  All the cards and well wishes are greatly appreciated!!