Thursday, March 3, 2011

Punky's Tonsils.....

My poor little Punky is having his tonsils out May 3rd.  Nana will be in Florida and Papa in Aruba!  Oh no!!
Shan needs to fatten him up before then because he only weighs 36 pounds, and is only 3 years old.  Apparently they don't like to remove them until they are 5 years old and weigh 40 pounds!  I see lots of frappes in his future!!  He doesn't really like sweets so Nana can't plump him up with cookies!!
                                                    He'll be having lots of pudding!!!!
                                                       Tired of our Punky being here!!
                                                      How can that be comfortable!!!
                                                        Now that's more like it!!!
                                                     Poor sick boy having a treatment.....
                                                      Can still be a clown even when sick!!
                                                       Look at those tonsils!!  Poor Punky!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Birthday Continues!!!!

Oh my goodness!!!  What a wonderful time we had last night!!!  Three of my "sisters" gave me a birthday party, and it was AWESOME!!!!  We are all Disney fools, so dressed in Disney clothes....even the dogs!!
The food was to die for.....steak tips from the Meat House, rice pilaf, carrots in a fresh ground ginger sauce, tossed salad and a very yummy cabbage salad.......and of course, cake and ice cream!!  Thank you so much Rochelle, Chris and Connie!!  And thank you Tom for finding the Donald for my cake!!  And Mark for the incredible meal, and Russ....well...just for being you!!  Tom and Chris' little grandson, Ezra, was there also. He was such a good boy!!  He was having a great time taking pictures!!  Shamus and Gretel got along great.  No barks, no growls, just running around!!!  Very cute!  Of course my "baby" got tired at the end of the party and had to be held! Connie helped me add a few things to my blog, and set me up with some other things online.  The cards the girls made me are amazing!!!  They are all so talented!!!!  Wait till you see.....
I know I keep saying how lucky I am....but can I NOT!!  Look at the friends I have!  I am truly blessed!!!  The Cook family "adopted" me a few years ago, and again I have to thank Nancy Pickelhaupt for introducing us!  You just never know how your life can change with one simple little gesture!

They gave me a DONALD DUCK charm for my troll bracelet and I hope you can see it in the picture!!  When Rochelle and I were at Disney in Feb. I looked for one, and they were out!!  But Rochelle ordered one for me!!  What a great surprise!!  In case you haven't noticed, I LOVE Donald!!

I will be stealing pictures as soon as Chris, Connie and Rochelle put some up!!!  Thank you a million times!!!