Saturday, February 19, 2011

Disney's Boardwalk.....Welcome Home!!

Disney's Boardwalk is our first home at "the world".  Sarotoga Springs is our Second.  Its always such a warm and fuzzy feeling to walk into the lobby and be greeted with "Welcome Home"!!  You really DO feel like you are home.  First we go to our room, then down on the Boardwalk to buy treats, and breakfast foods etc.  The Bakery is always included in that little trip!!  They have a cheesecake brownie that is "to die for"!!
I get one everytime I go and just cut little slices off each day until it is gone.  I can usually make it last our entire trip! From the Boardwalk you can walk to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, or take a nice leisurely boat ride.  At night you and sit on a bench down near the Dance Hall and watch the fireworks at Epcot!  Some of the boat captains have been there since we started going.  You feel like you are seeing old friends everytime you board one of the Friendship boats!!

We always use Disney's Magical Express to get from the airport to the hotel.  Its a free Disney service for guests staying inside!!  When you get to the airport you are leaving from you check your bags which have special Disney Magical Express tags on them and don't see them again until the magically appear in your room at Disney!!  When the sad day comes that you have to go home you just check your luggage at the hotel, get your boarding pass, try to squeeze in a little more fun, then hop on the Magical Express bus back to the airport where your bags have already been transported to. Hakuna Matada......means "no worries"....

and that is exactly what Disney wants for their guests!!  I LOVE Disney!!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Next holiday....Saint Patricks Day!

Kermit is ready for Saint Patricks Day!  He is looking pretty festive in his new outfit!! It actually belongs to
Muffy Bearington, but don't tell him!!

Shan and Punky were here for supper last night and we heard a huge crash!  I was in the kitchen, they were watching a movie.  We couldn't figure out what happened!!  When I opened my closet door I was quite surprised!!  One of my very long racks of clothes had fallen and everything on the shelf above it!!!  Heavy cut glass bowls, fragile Christmas ornaments, scrapbooks, pictures......and by the grace of God nothing broke!!!  I was shocked!!  The good thing is.....this will make me pack a lot of the clothes away for the summer!!  Besides.....I am going on a diet and none of them will fit me next winter anyway!!!!  Dave was amazed that the unit had stayed up as long as it did considering the nails holding it up!!  I'm sure it wasn't the fact that I had an excessive amount of clothes hanging on it!!!  Didn't really mean "excessive".....we women never can have TOO MANY clothes!!!  It was clearly the nails!!!

Rochelle is coming today!  We are exchanging Disney disks so we can have all the pictures from our trip!  I am lucky to get hers......she is not as fortunate to get mine.  I think mine only has about 80 pictures on it, and hers has over 300!!  Good job Rochelle!!!  I was really wishing that I had kept the camera that I got for Xmas.  Now I am going to have to rethink and maybe reorder.  Although I am not any smarter than I was in Dec. so I don't know why I think I can figure it out now!!!  Good grief!  It took me 60 years to learn how to be a chef!!  The camera doesn't stand much of a chance!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feelig like Spring is just around the corner!

Feb. is 40 degrees out, sunny, warm, no wind!!  Spring fever has hit, and I can't wait to be able to ride my new pink bike!!!  This time of year makes me anxious to go to camp and play with all my summer friends!  The big 60 is just days away and I am already celebrating.  My sister is sending me funny cards everyday, there are lunches and dinners with friends and might just be ok!!  I've never had an age bother me.....but this one is sending me over the edge!!!  I know....its better than the alternative!!!  And what about all those discounts?!?!?!  Now there is a plus!!  Already had a "senior" meal at Friendlys!!  I'm still mobile, and almost sane.......Rochelle....what happens at Disney stays at Disney!!!! is excellent!  I am happy, healthy, have more fun than a barrel of monkeys, have the greatest people in my life........bring it 60!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Last day of our fabulous trip.......:(

Thank you so much Rochelle for going with me!!
Day five.....we knew it was coming, but were sad when it did!  We checked our bags and got our boarding passes and headed over to Epcot.  We thought since our trip started on Soar'in that it should end there as well.  We had a big breakfast and then did the last of our shopping.  In Canada we found nightshirts with a bear on the front and it said BAD HAIR DAY!!!!!  Since that is what every day we were there was for us we both bought one!!  I think that will be my official Disney nightshirt since I always look like a goonie bird when I am there!!  We went out front to take a picture and one of the Disney Magical Express buses was there so we asked if we could go on that one and the nice driver said yes!  Our bus was coming in another 50 minutes, but it was nice to get to the airport and do a little more shopping before boarding.  This time the gifts were for our dogs!!!  Shamus got a new shirt and some sweet potato dog bones, (which he doesn't like), and Gretel got a nice minty chew bone!!  Could not have asked for a better trip......great traveling companion, incredible luck with lines, yummy food.....and even though the weather was not that wasn't that bad either!!  AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!  Can't wait to go again!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Toe socks!!

These are the socks I have mentioned.  From now on they are my official Disney socks!!  Hopefully the end of blisters!!!!  LOVE them!!!!  And so cute!!!  After wearing them for a morning I went back to Japan and bought two more colors!!!

Disney - Day four!!

It's a Small World after all, It's a Small World after all....

Italy's new Pizzeria!! Delicious!!!!

Our lunch!!

Epcot's Icon!

Just a cool pic!

Pizza ovens!  Very cool!!!

Pretty pink fish!!!  Just for me!!!

No explanation needed!!!

This guy bought our lunch!!!  Kidding......Rochelle did!!!
Thanks again!!!!
Wonderful day!!!  We did sooooo much!!  Started out at the Magic Kingdom.  The first thing we did was the Jungle Cruise!  We laughed the entire time!!!  Our guide was hiliarious!!!!  Her name was Casey, and if you ever go I hope that you get her!!!!  The Jungle Crusie was actually Walts favorite ride!!!  I wonder what it would be now!! Next we went on Big Thunder Mtn.  Love that ride!  Sort of a "sissy" coaster, but still lots of fun.  And we walked right on!!!  As we were exiting It's a Small World we were sure we would be singing that song all day long, but we headed right to Mickey's Philharmagic so we dodged that bullet!!  It was very cold.....only 50 degrees, so after doing a little shopping we headed back to our room for some warmer clothes.  Once we were bundled up the walked back over to Epcot where we did Living with The Land, The Seas and World Showcase.  We had a great time going thru the countries, did quite a lot of shopping and had lunch in Italy!!