Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day three of our trip to Disney!!

Day three was devoted to Hollywood Studios!  We went of the Tower of Terror.....TWICE!!  Walked right on both times!!!  I love that ride!!!  Now I think the Rockin Roller Coaster is a little much for me now....but we went on it!!!  It is thrilling!!!  Might have been my last time on it though.  That does not make me a sissy!
We went to American Idol next.  Its amazing the talent that you see from visitors!  They have to audition and if they are really good they get to perform on stage!!  One lucky contestant actually made it to fifth place in a real Amer. Idol try-out!!  Of course you have to see the Muppets!!  Very cute!!!  Beauty and the Beast was a wonderful show.  Singing, dancing, beautiful costumes.  Made me wish I was right up on stage with them!! We also did Toy Story Mania.  That was a lot of fun!  Interactive game!  As you are waiting in line you see all the old games we used to play.  Rochelle was way ahead of me for most of the game, but somehow I won...but it was very close!!  The last thing we did at HS was the Great Movie Ride before heading back to our room and then over to The Magic Kingdom.

At the Magic Kingdom we did Pirates of the Carribiean and the Haunted Mansion.  We ate at the Harbour House.  We were planning on seeing the Electric Light Parade, but it was canceled due to rain, so we did some shopping!!!  We both had very bad blisters, so sat on the side of the tub soaking our feet in the whirl pool tub in our room!!!  Speaking of blisters......I think I have found the perfect solution!!!  In Japan I bought some socks with 5 toes!!  I didn't think they would be comfortable, but great!!!  Kept my toes from rubbing together, so I went back the last day and bought some more!!  They are now my official Disney socks!!! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day two of our wonderful Disney trip!!

This is one of the floats at the Festival of the Lion King!

These are some of the stars of the show!

We saw this beautiful Tiger on a trail!

And this!!!  This is Expedition Everest!!!  So much fun!!  And so fast!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

Expedition Everest is a roller coaster that takes you to see the Yeti!
A lot of it is in the dark and you go backwards VERY fast!!!!  Its my favorite ride at the Animal Kingdom right now!!
Day two.....Animal Kingdom!!!  LOVE it!!!  We rode on Expedition Everest three times!!!!  Saw The Festival of The Lion King, went for a great safari, saw It's tough to be a Bug, Flights of Wonder, walked both trails, had egg rolls at Yak and Yeti and dinner at Rainforest Cafe.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spaceship Earth video staring Rochelle and Cindy!

Disney Vacation 2011

The Princess' have returned from their "Kingdom".  We had an amazing time!!!  We did a million things, never waited in line, saw everything we wanted to see, ate almost everything we wanted to.....(diet starts after my birthday)!!  We arrived at the Boardwalk around 4:00 and went right to our room to check it out!

Next we went down on the Boardwalk to have dinner at The Big River Grille.  Yummy! After feasting we walked over to Epcot.  Headed right to Soar'in........50 minute wait.....but NO....NOT for us!!!  Two very nice people handed us fast passes, and we walked right on!!!  And THAT is how the entire trip went!!!  It was AWESOME!!!!  Next we headed to Spaceship Earth....another walk on!!  There is a video, but I have to figure out how to get it on here. Now keep in mind when you are looking at our pictures that it was raining most of the we don't look all that fetching, but Donald didn't seem to mind!!!!  We had a wonderful spot to watch Illuminations, which I haven't actually seen in a few years....and then we headed back to our room.  Very successful first day!!